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SHTRAL, N. (2019). DEVELOPING LANGUAGE SKILLS RECIPROCITY . Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 6(1), 69-79.


Literacy begins long time before the beginning of formal studies in school.
A child evolves and develops lingual skills, his reading and writing at the same time.
Reading, writing, listening and speech are skills that develop in reciprocity, as different
aspects of the language, rather than one after the other. Literacy develops in the daily
reality of a child. Thus, its function is an integral part of the childhood period. Children
learn to read and write and improve their lingual competence while studying a written
language and by active activity, and in that process, they research the print and are
assisted by significant adults in their life, their parents and teachers.
This applied research emphasizes that there is much importance of the time devoted to
writing, and in the way of teaching and instruction at early reading that would teach the
contexts and rules of orthography, graphemes, and distinction between them and their
duties, as part of executing tasks and writing assignments at the time of reading
acquisition ]11[
pdf (Русский)
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