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Lutenco, L. (2019). DIMENSIUNI ALE EDUCAŢIEI POPULARE. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 1(1), 44-53. https://doi.org/10.36120/2587-3636.v1i1.44-53


Each ethnic culture, caring for the spiritual development of people, from one generation to
another, strives to bring up children according to the historical and cultural traditions followed all along
by parents, grand-parents and great grandparenst. In this sense, folk pedagogy is an inexhaustible source of
popular wisdom, which educates children in the national and general human spirit. Human fundamental
ideas, folk pedagogy principles and those of ethnopedagogy represent the main components of the nation
spiritual potential, through which we express and confirm our ideals, hopes and aspirations.

pdf (Русский)
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