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The wedding towels for godparents, distinguished aged people and honored guests differed
from area to area, from village to village, from a housewife to another. In the north they were mainly
striped, embroidered and had pointed edges, in the center - the so called plaidtowels were often
embroidered and adorned with laceon3-4 sides. In the south people used selected towels with silk threads.
The bride`s towel was particularly beautifully embroidered. All the towels were made with high
craftsmanship andexquisite taste for a long time.
For the bride`s dessert the bride`s mother prepared a beautiful embroideredand crocheted tablecloth
and napkins. Also the wedding kerchief was preparedas well as bridesmaid, maid of honor and
groomsman`s kerchiefs and four kerchiefs on the buns whichwere put on the forgiveness table of the
bride and groom. The girls were taught to embroider at home and at school.

pdf (Русский)
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