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communication competence
professional communication competence
medical language

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BUSUIOC, A. (2019). THE CONCEPT OF COMPETENCE OF PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION: CONTENT AND STRUCTURE. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 10(1), 202-201.


In the context of multiple visions, the notion of competence is approached from different
perspectives and we can certainly attribute to it three components: knowledge, skills and attitudes, in
which attitude has the role of leading, directing, bringing arguments and achieving a result; while
knowledge and abilities complete competence. In its turn, communication competence includes people’s
abilities of communication acquired during their lives, and proposes abilities to communicate, transmit,
exchange opinions in different circumstances, during the process of manifestations and mutual actions
with other people, applying the system of language and speech standards. The competence to
communicate in a language specific to the specialty involves the competence of professional
communication and includes, in addition to the components of communication, knowledge competence
in the field. The professional communication competence in the medical language admits knowledge,
skills and abilities with reference to the specialized language; expresses a field according to a welldefined level in which we can identify the main features of the professional communication competence:
to communicate using the specialized language; to apply knowledge through a professional treatment of
the field; to reproduce and explain by appropriate means the content of a communication, sources, notes,
indications etc.; to inform about problems and solutions both the teammates and to the patients they treat
pdf (Русский)
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