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attitude, interpretative attitude, literary text, reading, pupil, interest, comprehension, reception, analysis.

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OBOROCEANU, V. (2019). INTERPRETATIVE ATTITUDES IN THE LITERARY WORK. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 15(1), 143-148.


The studying process of the Romanian Language and Literature becomes important in the respect of pupil personality formation. Thus, the literary text study proposes a value approach to the emotional reaction of the reader and to the meaning assimilated in the reading process. The text represents the author’s attitude and reactions that are manifested in its own feelings towards the world and human values. They highlight certain life concepts, ideals and beliefs. In the frame of literary texts, different values interact. This way, the interpretation of a literary text will include the pupil into various interpretative activities, thus forming its attitude. Attitude is the understanding of the individual to assess an object, its symbol, or a certain aspect of the world. Whether positive or negative, attitude shows what position the person takes regarding the existing system of values, norms and principles in the society. The literary work is by excellence an attitude generator.
pdf (Русский)
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