Acta et Commentationes Sciences of Education
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innovation, pedagogy, curriculum paradigm, specific object of study, education, normativity specific to pedagogy, research methodology specific to pedagogy.

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CRISTEA, S. (2019). INNOVATION IN EDUCATION. EPISTEMOLOGICAL RECONSTRUCTION OF PEDAGOGY. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 17(3), 19-25.


Our study capitalizes the resources of the necessary pedagogical innovation, at the level of fundamental pedagogical research (historical and theoretical), for the reconstruction of pedagogy as a specialized socio-human science in the study of education (including education and curricular design of education and training for all. the levels of the system and of the education process).  Such reconstruction is epistemologically necessary in the context of the expansion of education sciences elaborated only by applying other socio-human sciences to education. It aims to stabilize the fundamental concepts that define the object of study, the normativity and the research methodology - specific to the pedagogy - in relation to which any science of the older or new education can be epistemologically constructed and validated, launched in the modern and postmodern (contemporary) historical era.
pdf (Русский)
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