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Golubiţchi, S., & Danu, E. (2019). IMPACTUL EDUCAŢIEI PERMANENTE ÎN DEZVOLTAREA PERSONALITĂŢII. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 1(1), 17-23.


Lifelong learning is education throughout their lives each. It is an open educational system, composed of objectives, contents, forms and educational techniques that provide maintenance and further development of a personality’s cognitive, affective and action potential, of self-education capabilities and skills, training for independent and creative personalities. In view of lifelong learning, it takes priority the formative objectives of its components expressed through learning to learn-intellectual work skills, through the motivation for learning reflected in the attitude towards learning that means lifelong, creative, innovative learning, available in all forms, thus offering everyone the opportunity to complete studies, to improve professional skills and to acquire a superior culture
pdf (Русский)
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