Education and science openness to change as a basis for its development
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higher education, university, academic entrepreneurship, new (noospheric) thinking, socio- economic professions.

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TERENTIEVA, N. (2020). Education and science openness to change as a basis for its development. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 20(2), 68-74.


The article deals with the issues of flexibility and constant modernization changes in the
educational sphere as a response of the education system to the challenges of society. Emphasis is placed on expanding the list of socio-economic professions governing the relationship “individual – social institution”. The requirement for modern specialists to apply non-standard solutions and the ability to act flexibly in the dynamic conditions of society is regulated by the multi-purpose and multi-component result of education. It is stated that even in the conditions of virtualization of education, universities should remain intellectual centers, which ensure the availability of higher education, fairness in learning and knowledge acquisition, contribute to the historical development of humanity. Accordingly, the mission of universities should also include the formation of a new type of person who possesses a complex of innovative thinking.
pdf (Русский)
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