Training - a form of general activity of education
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education, training, formal education, education in the broad sense social-human, virtual behaviour, awareness and personal behaviour, psycho-pedagogical conditions for performing an attitudinal function in all the trainings.

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PANICO, V. (2020). Training - a form of general activity of education. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 20(2), 75-81.


The paper can analyse the relationship between formal training / education and education in the broad sense of the social-human. The emphasis is highlighted in psycho-pedagogical conditions of transforming an instruction into the decisive factor of education. Instructions for becoming a social- human emphasizes the first component / side of training and can help a student - personal awareness (acquiring knowledge, training necessary mental skills and abilities, forming opinions, beliefs, ideals, etc., a virtual behaviour) b) the second component of education - the formation of social-practical behaviour is relatively low / limited. Social-practical behaviour to the greatest extent can be formed in all education in the broad sense of society through direct personal employment in conditions of reasonable practical activity, guides and benefits from the organization (work, professional, environmental, scientific, political, etc.).
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