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steppe, Exodus, biblical archetypes, literary education and upbringing, Transbaikal studies.

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KAMEDINA, L. (2021). HISTORIO-SOPHICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONCEPT «STEP» IN LITERATURE LESSONS. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 23(1), 163-172. https://doi.org/10.36120/2587-3636.v23i1.163-172


The article offers a historiosophical view of the problem of the Russian outcome with the key concept of “steppe” for the literary education of schoolchildren. New is not only a look at the concept of the “steppe” from a historical and spiritual point of view, but also the fact that regional texts serve as the material for the study, in which the theme of the Exodus in the east of the country with the artistic realization of the biblical archetype of the Steppe is most fully disclosed. On the lessons of Transbaikal studies, schoolchildren identify the author’s positions of Transbaikal  writers on the events of the Exodus, its essence and consequences, compare them with the original look at the image of the Steppe in folklore and Russian literature. Through literary education, schoolchildren master the Russian outcome as a historical, sacrificial event, working with the concept of “steppe”. At the same time, a process of education with spiritual and patriotic ideas is taking place. 

pdf (Русский)
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