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NASTASĂ, A.-M. (2021). PROJECT MANAGER - SPECIFIC SKILLS AND ROLE. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 24(2), 69-75.


The project manager is the "key to success" in any social activity, in general, in the area of research and educational development, in particular. He is the one able to lead the pre-university school institution / organization by making the best use of the psychological and social resources of all its members. Under his leadership, these members, who have the quality of actors of education, become efficient by the fact that “they do not work for each other, but with each other. The project manager cultivates a sense of self-confidence in the team he leads to achieve common goals and objectives. This feeling transmitted to the team and its groups reflects the qualities of the project manager, defined in terms of leadership, at the level of a superior product expressed in terms of a formula that assembles and synthesizes: commitment x character x competence x consistency x cohesion (leader and team conducted efficiently).
pdf (Русский)
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