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activity, methodological-scientific activity, school unit.

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ISTRATE-ȘTEFĂNESCU, A. (2021). METHODOLOGICAL-SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY IN THE SCHOOL UNIT. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 24(2), 116-120.


The methodical activity is one of the most important pedagogical activities, organized, planned and implemented in the school, integrated in the educational management. Starting from the reference sphere that includes the pedagogical activities of school managers (school inspectors, principals, leaders of methodical commissions, specialized teachers, teachers-leaders, teachers-researchers, etc.) involved in the evaluation, guidance and continuous improvement of the educational process we present the curricular and managerial vision of the methodical activity as a strategic tool for quality approach involved in fulfilling the functions of evaluation and guidance / methodical coordination of education / training activities and their regulation-self-regulation (through methodical research and pedagogical improvement). The methodical activity in pre-university education institutions can be approached in a narrow sense, with reference to the actions of improvement of the didactic process, of teaching-learning-evaluation, but also in a broad sense, with reference to all pedagogical activities of school managers, especially teachers, who fulfill a multitude of roles: teaching / training, in general; cultural animation, psycho-pedagogical and social counseling, coordination of the class teaching staff; partnership with family and local community, mentoring, etc. - assumed in a formal and non-formal context.
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