educational content, sources, stages, and indicators for selecting educational content, training, and development of attitudes.

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PANICO, V. (2022). SOME PROBLEMS OF GENERAL EDUCATION CONTENT. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 27(1), 103-111.


This article is devoted to debatable issues regarding the sources, principles, rules, stages, and methodology for selecting and designing the content of education. The selection and placement of the content of education in the curriculum and textbooks requires going through the filter of didactic, psychological, hygienic, and other theoretical and normative approaches in human, socio-human, and social sciences. The research presents a model for analyzing the training-development activity of the educational content's attitude component.
The process of acquiring information, training, and developing skills inevitably imposes the need for permanent activation of the process of positive and adequate formation of emotional attitudes, otherwise,
training can not fully fulfill its educational function - training and development of attitudes, which is a major goal of contemporary didactics.
Attitudes in the form of educational potential are stored / reflected in the factual information, the concepts of the curriculum designed in the curriculum and textbooks, designed in the form of skills and
units of competence regarding society, nature, man, technics, and technology
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