Manifestations of aggression and violence at young school age


bullying, school violence, aggressive behaviour, consequences, aggressive behavior, decrease in violence/ aggression

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BALAN, C. (2022). Manifestations of aggression and violence at young school age. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 28(2), 114-123.


This article focuses on issues related to the manifestations of school aggression and violence specific to young school-age students. School violence has serious consequences for all pupils involved, which are felt psychologically (low self-esteem, anxiety or depression), physically (migraines or panic attacks) and academically (absenteeism and school failure). These negative consequences ultimately affect the general atmosphere in the school, which becomes gloomy, where fear prevails instead of a protective environment, and which moves pupils' priorities from focusing on learning to being concerned about their safety. Violence in school leads to a constant state of insecurity and can compromise students' social and emotional well-being. In view of these considerations, the early identification of any violent manifestations allows for targeted intervention measures.
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