Reduction of negative emotions at adolescents in experimental conditions


aggressiveness, types of aggressiveness, personality traits, formative research, adolescents

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Racu, I., & Stanciu, M. (2022). Reduction of negative emotions at adolescents in experimental conditions. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 3(29), 62-70.


Article describes the results of formative investigation orientated on diminishing negative emotions at adolescents. In our experimental research which include 16 sessions were include 24 adolescents: 12 in experimental group and 12 in control group. As results we underlined positive changes in adolescents’ emotions. Also we noticed changes in aggressiveness and types of aggressiveness (physic aggression, negativism, irritability and verbal hostility), anxiety, stress and in some personality traits such as: neuroticism, aggressiveness, calm character, open nature and emotional lability.
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