The concept and methodology of performance assessment in sports dance


evaluation, performance, choreography, sports dance, evaluators, types of evaluation,

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Varnacova, E., & Gutu, Z. (2022). The concept and methodology of performance assessment in sports dance. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 3(29), 81-89.


In the given article, a concept of performance evaluation in sports dance is founded. This concept focuses on two interconnected dimensions: the approach related to the evaluation theory and the approach related to specific indicators of choreography, in the given case, of sports dance: rhythm, posture, technical interpretation, presentation/ musicality. The article specifies the particularities of the evaluation of artistic performances, which differ from cognitive/ academic ones, first of all, by criteria and typology of artistic/choreographic products. At the same time, performance evaluation rules are formulated through the "Skating" system - a method of accumulating points that gives priority to the ”majority” and ”general performance”. Also in this article the advantages and disadvantages of this method are deduced.
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