The literary text – a means of textual competence training


literary text, textual competence, elements of textual competence, values of artistic creation, textual analysis

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Midrigan, T. (2022). The literary text – a means of textual competence training. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 3(29), 159-164.


Currently, in modern society, information and communication technologies are increasingly used, but the text remains the main source of documentation, examples/counterexamples, contributing to the development of individual capacities, interests and attitudes. It represents one of the ways of forming textual competence, which includes knowledge about the text, skills and attitudes formed on the basis of the text. All this is achieved through various activities, which involve comprehension, reception, interpretation and formation of fundamental values, values specific to artistic creation, contextual values by explaining unknown words in various ways; presentation of video resources; reading the text, respecting the qualities of reading; the delimitation of logical fragments and the formulation of main ideas/component paintings; formulating some ideas/messages of the text regarding reality. The most exciting moment of the text concerns a series of questions, which highlight the content and formal aspects of the text.
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