The development of peace values within a multicultural approach


multicultural competencies, education for peace, peacemakers, teachers, didactic model

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DARAWSHA, A., & GALIA, N. (2023). The development of peace values within a multicultural approach. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 4(30), 104-122.


Teachers` are models for their students, those who plant valuable attitudes, respect for different cultures, diversity, equity, justice, and humanism. Peace education is essential for a multicultural society. It has a huge transformative influence on the students’ personalities, transforming them into peacemaker citizens able to avoid social-cultural conflicts, become promoters of constructive dialogues, demonstrate respect for values and aspirations, self and others. The research described in this article aims to develop a methodology for developing peace values in teachers who work in the system but did not have a specific peace education course with a multicultural approach, with a holistic vision. To check the effectiveness of the methodology was carried out an experiment where teachers who come to continuous professional development were involved in a formative program.
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