Assessment of text competence in primary school students


literary text, textual competence, assessment, docimological test, primary education students

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MIDRIGAN, T. (2023). Assessment of text competence in primary school students. Acta Et Commentationes Sciences of Education , 4(30), 191-196.


Learning the Romanian language and literature profiles the formation of a cultured speaker and reader. The literary text is a finished product, which involves the student in various activities of: comprehension, reception, interpretation, reinterpretation. Knowing the relationship between the author and the expressed reality facilitates understanding, stimulates curiosity and the desire to learn new information. Textual competence is the ability to understand, use and produce different types of texts, which we encounter and produce in our daily lives. The control experiment aimed at evaluating the level of formation of textual competence in primary school students, namely the components: reproduction competence; the competence of perception and understanding, the competence of interpretation, creative competence.
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