Acta et Commentationes Exact and Natural Sciences

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Vol 12 No 2 (2021)
Published January 10, 2022
Acta et Commentationes Exact and Natural Sciences
Acta et Commentationes Exact and Natural Sciences

The Acta et Commentationes scientific journal, the Exact and Natural Sciences series is a periodical publication, whose purpose is to reflect and develop the modern scientific phenomenon in the field of Exact and Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Geography); dissemination of the results of the scientific performance researches (fundamental and applicative) in the fields of profile; publicizing new technologies in order to implement them; addressing and elucidating the scientific investigative problems specific to the journal profiles.

The journal is included in the Register of Scientific Journals of the Republic of Moldova in category B and can be accessed at The e-mail address of the magazine is

Liubomir CHIRIAC, Dumitru Cozma
In memoriam - Academician Mitrofan Choban
Yaroslav Bihun, Roman Petryshyn, Ihor Skutar , Halyna Melhyk
Multifrequency system with multipoint and integral conditions
Andrei Pranevich, Alexander Grin, Yanka Musafirov
Multiple partial integrals of polynomial Hamiltonian systems
Aliona Dreglea , Nikolai Sidorov , Denis Sidorov
Construction of solutions of integral equations with Stieltjes functionals and bifurcation parameters
pdf (Русский)
Alexandru Şubă
Real cubic differential systems with a linear center and multiple line at infinity
pdf (Русский)
Dumitru Cozma , Vadim Repeşco
Dynamics of a cubic differential advertising model
pdf (Русский)
Natalia Neagu , Mihail Popa
Lyapunov’s stability of the unperturbed motion governed bythe
pdf (Русский)
Vasile Neagu
Singular integral operators in the case of a piecewise Lyapunov contour
pdf (Русский)
Inga Titchiev
Petri nets for e-learning. Case studyInga Titchiev
pdf (Русский)
Adela Gorea
Algorithm for assessing the credibility of online information
pdf (Русский)
Liubomir Chiriac , Natalia Bobeică , Natalia Lupashco , Dorin Pavel
On CM-groupoids with multiple identities and medial topological left loops
pdf (Русский)
Vlad Serban
Boolean asynchronous systems vs. Daizhan Cheng’s theory
pdf (Русский)
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