Test-metho dfordeterminingthepro ductivityofgrap egenotyp esunder climatechangeconditions
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grapevine, genotype, photosynthesis, climate, curve of photosynthesis.

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Александров, Е. (2021). Test-metho dfordeterminingthepro ductivityofgrap egenotyp esunder climatechangeconditions. Acta Et Commentationes Exact and Natural Sciences, 11(1), 128-137. https://doi.org/10.36120/2587-3644.v11i1.128-137


Climate change is forcing humanity to reconsider its principles offarming, forcing the creation of plant genotypes that will develop and provide increased productivity in new climatic conditions. The light curve allows usto determine the efficiency of photosynthesis and get an idea of the ecophys-iological characteristics of a species, and, in turn, these indices allow us to compare different genotypes of plants in more or less similar conditions, thus determining productivity and resistance to environmental factors. The lightsaturation curve for photosynthesis can be used as a test method for assessingthe productivity and resistance of genotypes to weather and climatic risks.Highly efficient genotypes can be identified at an early stage, which reducesthe selection time.

pdf (Русский)
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