Algorithm for assessing the credibility of online information
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credibility, crowdsourcing, algorithm, browser extension, NewsGuard, WOT.

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Gorea , A. (2022). Algorithm for assessing the credibility of online information. Acta Et Commentationes Exact and Natural Sciences, 12(2), 111-119.


The present paper is devoted to an algorithm for evaluating the data credibility and analyzes a number of available tools for this. During the investigation, it was foundt hat the most tools are used by journalists in doing this. Currently, there are attempts to automate the process of evaluating the information credibility, aimed not only at journalism professionals, but also at the regular user. In this sense, two tools wer eanalyzed: NewsGuard and WOT. The analysis of these tools allows us to determine the mechanisms of collective online analysis (crowdsourcing) in order to evaluate thecredibility of online information with the possible usage of computational intelligence without the mandatory experts’ participation. The developed algorithm takes over the best functions of the studied tools and can be useful for evaluating the data credibility from various websites.
pdf (Русский)
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