Aspects on the bird fauna's diversity in the sector Golăiești - Cotul Bran (Iași county, Romania)


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Natura 2000 network
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Tofănescu, D.-R., & Gache, C. (2022). Aspects on the bird fauna’s diversity in the sector Golăiești - Cotul Bran (Iași county, Romania). Acta Et Commentationes Exact and Natural Sciences, 13(1), 64-81.


The present study had followed to evaluate the bird fauna’s diversity and the seasonal dynamic of birds’ population in the sector of Golăiești – Cotul Bran, related to the common Jijia and Prut Rivers’ basin. We did our fieldwork in the years 2014 and 2015. The bird fauna’s list includes 117 bird species. The typically woodland bird species are dominant like diversity, but also through their effectives. The wetland bird species present small populations, appearing during the migration time. The breeding bird fauna include 77 certainly breeding species, other 6 species being irregular or probably breeding species in the area. During our study, we identified 21 bird species that appear in the Annex 1 of Birds’ Directive, respectively, 12 bird species included in the Romanian Red Book of Vertebrates.
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