Vol 11 No 1 (2021): Acta et Commentationes Exact and Natural Sciences
Acta et Commentationes Exact and Natural Sciences
Acta et Commentationes Exact and Natural Sciences

The Acta et Commentationes scientific journal, the Exact and Natural Sciences series is a periodical publication, whose purpose is to reflect and develop the modern scientific phenomenon in the field of Exact and Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Geography); dissemination of the results of the scientific performance researches (fundamental and applicative) in the fields of profile; publicizing new technologies in order to implement them; addressing and elucidating the scientific investigative problems specific to the journal profiles.

The journal is included in the Register of Scientific Journals of the Republic of Moldova in category B and can be accessed at https://ibn.idsi.md/ro/vizualizare_revista/418. The e-mail address of the magazine is aec@ust.md

Lidia Calmuțchi, Eugenia Melentiev, Iulia Stațiuc
Valorisation of antioxidants in fruit and berry juices
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Natalia Cîrlig, Victor Țîței, Elena Iurcu-Străistaru, Alexandru Teleuță, Ana GUȚU
Phacelia tanacetifolia and Onobrychis arenaria- attractive plants for pollinating insects
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Tatiana Cîrlig
Aspects regarding urban herpetofauna (Chisinau city)
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Tatiana Cîrlig
Specificity of chromatic variations of the skin red forest frog (Rana dalmatina Bonaparte, 1840) in local populations
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Boris Nedbaliuc, Eugeniu Ciobanu, Eugenia Chiriac, Sofia Grigorcea, Nicolai Aluchi, Lilia Brînză, Rodica Nedbaliuc
The characterization of algal communities of the lake Riscani(Chisinau) through the prism of interspecific relationships
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Lilia Brînză, Boris Nedbaliuc, Sofia Grigorcea, Liliana Nistiriuc, Victoria Tumuruc, Mihaela Muștuc
Taxonomic diversity and the bioindicatory role of the bentonic algoflore of lake "La Izvor" (Chisinau)
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Gheorghe Novac
Non-wood forest products with toxic potential from the Republic of Moldova
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Pave Pînzaru, Alexandru Ruschuk
Teucrio chamaedri-Caraganetum fruticis Pînzaru et Ruschuk, ass. nova (Prunion fruticosaetx. 1952) in the Republic ofMoldova
pdf (Русский)
Pavel Pînzaru
Asplenio trichomanis-Carpinetum betuliPînzaru - ass. nova (Carpinion betuliIssler 1931) in the Republic of Moldova
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Nina Volontir
The anthropic impact in relief morphogenesis - model of geographical study with students (on the example of the Bâcriver basin)
pdf (Русский)
Oleg Chihai
Spread of the trematode Plagiorchis elegans (Rudolphi, 1802) insmall rodents from various biotopes of the Republic of Moldova
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Евгений Александров
Test-metho dfordeterminingthepro ductivityofgrap egenotyp esunder climatechangeconditions
pdf (Русский)
Sofia Grigorcea, Boris Nedbaliuc, Eugenia Chiriac, Nicolai Aluchi, Dmitrii Grigorcea
Determination of the particularities of growth and development in different temperature conditions of micromicets Alternaria spp., Fusarium spp. and Botrytis spp.in dual culture with Penicillium spp.
Liviu Miron
Advantages versus disadvantages of parasitism
pdf (Русский)
Liviu Miron, Simona Matiuț, Larisa Ivănescu
Prevalence of Cryptosporidium parvumprotozoa in humans and animals in Iasi county, Romania with the establishment of zoonotic risk
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Eugenia Melentiev, Lidia Calmuțchi, Sergiu CODREANU, Alina Pitușcan
Phytochemical study of biological active substances in the component of seed and flaxseed oil Linum usitatissimum L
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Natalia Caraman
Ecological peculiarities and the behavior of some rodent species from the anthropized biotopes of Bacioi locality, Chisinau municipality
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Olga Cataraga, Viorica Trifăuţan, Viorica Coadă
Some aspects of the examination of Anisakide-infested fishes - hazardous patogenic agents
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